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Mission of Von Lee

Von Lee's mission is to educate and train individuals to become Estheticians and Make-up Artists so they will be knowledgeable in the field to successfully sit for the State Board examination. Von Lee is dedicated to assisting those individuals who desire to improve themselves and and who wish to broaden their career opportunities in the field of Esthetics. The growing importance of technical training in skin care is dramatized by the wide choice of job openings available due to the growing demand each year. Von Lee understands the necessity of providing quality training to all of our students.

The major goals of Von Lee are to:

  1. Provide our students with an excellent education.
  2. Prepare them to successfully complete the State Board Examination with confidence.
  3. Assist the students in career placement.
  4. Develop the Entrepreneurial skills of the student.

To this end, Von Lee has made every effort to provide the finest training possible and gears its training to the needs of this rapidly growing field. Von Lee's training program is designed to provide students with highly marketable skills and knowledge that will allow them to realize their maximum career potential in the future.